Hormones, Energy, & Wellbeing
for Women & Men

Using Traditional & Functional Medicine Principles


- Basic Women's Health & Problem Visits

- Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation

- Acute care Telemedicine & Virtual Visits

- Hormone balance for both women & men

- IUD insertion

- Functional Medicine testing

- Medical Grade Supplements

We are happy to answer your nonmedical questions at or call (850) 470-1554.

(I am licensed in AL, GA, FL, TX; you must be a permanent resident of one of those states for virtual visits.)


Your body is a complex living system, you may not know what exactly your body needs or wants.
Your hair holds Epigenetics informations which can access using our S-drive technology.

See "services" to find out more about our system and how to optimize your wellbeing.

Kimberly P. Hood, MD


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