If you are currently on bioidentical hormones and are not having any issues and just need a refill, then that can be done at your Well Woman Visit. 


However, if you are having issues or your hormones do not seem to be working or you are new to menopause and desire to start saliva testing and possibly bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, then this is the visit you need. 


This will be complete with a detailed questionnaire, an exam if you have not had one, and you will need saliva testing along with a thyroid check.


Anytime hormones are adjusted, you must have a saliva test.  I don't blindly alter the hormones when I don't know the hormone levels in your body; furthermore, it may not always be hormones causing the problem.  

Initial visits (in person or virtual):

30-60min/$165 (includes exam if needed)

Or you could do the Comprehensive Plan - see Plans

Follow up visits (in person or virtual):

$75-$150 depending on time spent

Basic Saliva test:


DUTCH Plus (if need):


Note: labs, cultures, pap, radiologic studies, biopsies, etc. are not included in the price. 


You may use your insurance for these items if you wish.  If you do not have insurance, let us know, and we will get you the best self pay price possible.

Kimberly P. Hood, MD