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What Patients Are Saying

Dr Kimberly Hood has been an amazing doctor. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. She is genuinely interested in improving your health and she is always available to answer your question. While she is supposed to meet me only once a month, she will go above and beyond to help when I get sick unexpectedly. For example, I just got hit with Covid last month and she was very helpful in dispensing medicine and giving me helpful advice on how to deal with it sometimes within hours of me emailing her. Compare that to your family doctor who is always “unavailable” for a walk in. By the time you make an appointment to see them, I would have already recovered from COVID.

I love talking to Dr Kimberly as she is very patient and will take her time to explain things to me to make sure that I understand everything clearly. I really appreciate the extra information as I have a PhD myself in Biology and it makes me understand better the rationale behind her every recommendation. 

I love Dr. Kimberly and I would not hesitate to recommend her. 

-- Leon L.

Dr Hood has been my doctor for almost 10yrs now and has always been great at treating me as an individual. She has always been attentive to my worries and concerns. I consider myself lucky to have her as my doctor.  -- Shauna M.

Dr. Hood is amazing. She is the perfect balance of professional and personal. She takes her time with me every appointment and I never feel like I’m being rushed out the door for the next patient. She genuinely listens to my concerns, goes through all the questions I have and I know that my health and well-being is a priority for her. I have never had a doctor be so accessible and make it so easy to communicate with and I appreciate that she offers both in office and telehealth appointments. I am so thankful for Dr. Hood and the excellent care she provides! -- Ashley K.

Since I started seeing Dr. Hood about a year ago, she has worked with me to achieve health goals that other doctors throughout the years could not achieve with traditional medications.  Dr. Hood not only takes the time to listen and answer my questions, but she also has the knowledge to approach my goals in more natural ways that have proven to help me.  -- Leslie M.

Dr. Hood is amazing at what she does. She has that attention to detail care that EVERY patient wants. She’s an expert in her field and has an amazing ability to relate to her patients. You’d be lucky to call her Doc.

-- Megan P.

Dr. Hood is an outstanding, whole medicine doctor. I feel more comfortable with her than I have anyone else. She is in tune with my needs, follows up with me regularly and is always available. This past Thanksgiving I was extremely sick and she was readily available on Thanksgiving day! Dr. Hood always thinks outside the box and never fails to find a root to the problem instead of just a bandaid. 

-- Whitney W.

Dr. Hood takes a TRULY whole body approach which is very hard to find in today's medical community.  I have seen HUGE changes in sleep, energy, weight loss (which has been impossible for 20 years) AND my blood check numbers.  All that means that life is exponentially better because of Dr. Hood. --  Melissa H.

Dr. Hood has been my gynecologist for 15 years. She delivered my youngest son, performed my surgery, & I use her now for countless other things. You just don’t find doctors like her anymore. You’re not just a number. She cares about you, your health & helps you understand every aspect of what’s going on with your body. Thank you Dr. Hood!

-- Amanda E.

Dr. Hood has been my gyno for almost 20 years from highschool, delivering my daughter, and now reaching almost 40 years old! She is not just a doctor she is a friend! She forms relationships with her patients professional and personally.  -- Amanda O.

I came to Dr. hood about three years ago post menopausal, she met with me for 45 minutes going over my issues. She never appeared to be hurried but was more concerned about getting me to feeling normal again. After some testing and counseling she has changed my life.  I have lost some weight and finally feel like my normal self again, my husband is also a happy fellow.  -- Sheila B.

Went in for a women’s health check up and while checking my thyroid she felt a lump. Sent me for some tests and came back as cancer of the thyroid. Doctors say my cancer case was a home run, but if it wasn’t for Dr. Hood being thorough we wouldn’t have caught my cancer before it spread more.  -- Ashley E. 

Dr. Hood took the time to listen to my health concerns and explain my lab results in plain language. Together we came up with a plan for my wellness and it feels great to have a partner invested in my long-term wellness goals. -- Michelle B.

For the first time ever, I felt heard and that my concerns and questions mattered to a physician. I have learned invaluable information that resulted in my quality of life being so much better from Dr. Hood.  

-- Meredith C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hood for 20 years because no matter where she is practicing I am following. I love her because she cares for you on a personal level.  - Melanie A.


Kimberly P. Hood, MD
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