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Comprehensive Plus Profile Sample Report_Page_2.jpg

Saliva Testing to assess

hormone & adrenal function.

cost for test: $210 + S/H

Example CSAP Stool Report_Page_08.jpg

Testing Offered

Comprehensive Stool Analysis & Parasitology to asses gut function, pathogens, & microbiome.  This report is 14 pages.  Below is just a few as an example.

cost for test: $317 + S/H

DNA Health is great for finding your genes that may need special attention.  There is also DNA Diet to help with weight loss. Below is just a few pages of the report, as it is about 35 pages.


DNA Health: $272 + S/H

DNA Diet: $200 + S/H

Both: $362 + S/H

Below are some of the more common tests that I do, other than the epigenetic hair testing.  Insurance does not cover the costs of functional medicine testing.

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