Pay As You Go:

  • Pay prices listed on website/brochure for services needed.

  • I do not have a nurse.  If you have a question, you will speak to my assistant.  She will determine if it is a medical question.  If it is deemed a medical question, she will arrange a virtual consult with me at the prices listed on the website/brochure.  Your virtual consult will then be scheduled.

  • Cost ranges from $50-$125 depending on time spent.

  • You do have the option for an urgent care virtual visit but only Monday - Thursday usually.

  • This plan is for the patient that only needs us 1-2 times per year.






Comprehensive Plan:

For patients who need to be seen frequently

  • Your visits (procedures are excluded) are included, either in person office or virtual visits; minimum of 6 months required.

  • You will get 50% off procedures; eg, biopsies, IUD insertions, mole removals, treatment of warts.

  • I do not have a nurse; however, if you have a problem, question, concern, you will have the ability to message me directly.  This can be anytime, weekends, holidays, afterhours.  If I am not readily available, I will contact you back as soon as possible to address your needs.  If it is in the middle of the night, I will call you the following morning.  Emergencies should report to the ER.

  • This is also great if you have urgent care needs like a sinus infection, new skin rash, pink eye, urinary tract infection.  Telemedicine consult for urgent care needs that will prevent you from having to go sit hours in an urgent care center.  Receive help from your job or home.  Work excuses also available.  Emergencies should report to the ER.

  • This plan is perfect for individuals who want bioidentical hormone therapy, infertility treatment with clomid, abnormal pap smears, recurrent genital warts, thyroid management, chronic fatigue management, etc.

  • Cost: $200 yearly enrollment fee; $50/month; after 6 months, you may opt out of the plan.  Just let us know you wish to do so.


Kimberly P. Hood, MD