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Your hair can indicate where your body is optimized and where your body is lacking.  It can indicate what vitamins, mineral, amino acids, fatty acids, and foods your body needs and is missing.  It will also indicate what foods you need to avoid over the next 90 days and if there are burdens on your body by toxins, radiation, heavy metals, virus, parasites, molds/fungus, etc.  

The test takes 15 minutes to complete in the office.  A report is generated that can take 30-60 minutes to discuss.  A plan of focus is created for you to follow for the next 90 days.  Retesting can be done every 90 days to follow progress.

This test is for anyone wanting...

- more energy

- further health optimization

- the best diet for your body needs, especailly vegans or vegetarians

- optimization of hair growth and stronger nails

- identification of potential environmental factors contributing to health issues

- to know if you are absorbing your nutrients and what supplements may best benefit you

Cost for test and consultation:

$185 in person

$195 for mail-in

(prices may change

based on testing company)

Mail-In has to be packaged and mailed to Cell Wellbeing for processing.


In person is electronically sent.

For more info on epigenetics and Cell Wellbeing, go to

Using the S-Drive
by Cell Wellbeing

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Kimberly P. Hood, MD


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